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We commit to consistently providing our customers with customized, high-end packaging tubes that allow them to succeed and sustain their leadership in the highly competitive cosmetic industry. Our cutting-edge technology and manufacturing plants allow us to meet the specific needs of our customers’ products such as make up, skin care, hair care products, body lotion, hair color products, oral care, health care and specialty products.


Personal Care

PACK-TUBES' extensive experience in manufacturing and creating leading-edge decorated tubes has allowed our customers to succeed in the highly competitive personal care industry. We are the premier manufacturer of a wide range of functional laminated, plastic and aluminum tubes of different shapes, sizes, designs, colors, and dimensions for major suppliers of the hair, facial, oral and body products industries. We have a proven track record and the capability of creating and developing a remarkable packaging product.


In house manufacturing of web structures:
Up to to 12 ABL (aluminum barrier laminated) multi-layer
Up to 7 PBL (plastic barrier laminated) multi-layer
Specialized multi-layer laminated such as NBL, MPET
Various finish including; white, super white, silver, high gloss silver, mirror, craft paper, transparent, fog and pearl.



PACK-TUBES has many long standing business relationships with leading pharmaceutical companies across the globe. We operate within the highest standards throughout the manufacturing process in order to create tubes that are 100% sterile and of the highest quality possible. Our emphasis on safety, hygiene, and quality has made us a preferred choice manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry.

PACK-TUBES strives to comply with industry procedures ensuring 100% satisfaction and quality assurance.

PACK-TUBES adheres to laws and regulatory specifications and performances per government authorities in all countries we conduct business in.



Our customized tubes are now being widely used in the food market segment because of their durability and multiple uses. Our aluminum and plastic tubes are used to package several food items such as sauces and caramel. We are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality and most visually appealing tubes on the market which is why notable companies have continued to conduct business with us.

PACK-TUBES respects and honors NDA with complete client cooperation and the development of individualized specifications on a case by case basis.



PACK-TUBES has a wide range of tube dimensions that have the capability to withstand high temperatures as well as oil, grease, and other corrosive ingredients. These tubes can be used to safely store, grease, lubricants, insecticides, and other acidic products that contain dangerous chemical compounds.


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Plastic tubes are seamless tubes and are used to package high-end, low-volume products for a wide range of industries.